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La-Ventura Discography


Debut album of this Dutch Female Fronted Metal band containing 10 melodic, catchy and groovy songs with great reviews from press and fans!! Released worldwide through Renaissance Records.

  • 01. Deadline
  • 02. Memoria
  • 03. Only Love Will Find Its Way
  • 04. Trefoil
  • 05. Remind You
  • 06. Cry
  • 07. Messed Up
  • 08. A New Beginning
  • 09. The Hunter
  • 10. Right & Righteousness

2010. Breaking the Silence EP

A bridge between the two full lenght albums, this EP was released back in 2010 for a select period only. It contained three songs, where two of them found their place on White Crow with a new and better sound. This EP was a limited run only, therefore no more copies can be sold. DOWNLOAD THEM HERE FOR FREE!!